Both our products and production line are subject to internal and independent external audits. Thus ever increasing security and quality requirements are being satisfied and our products perform in accordance to up to date worldwide standards. Our goal is to keep providing our  products to the world market with the same quality and security principles.

In order to scale up our performance in this measure, we push our efforts to add new certificates to our existing ones. As a result of these efforts, our company added IRIS, and UL(for reactors) certificates  to our wide certification portfolio.

  • Increasing effectiveness and leading development activities of the quality system
  • Efficiently satisfying customer`s expectancy via effective managament and staff participation in all product categories.
  • Measuring and assessing processes, and conducting preemptive and corrective activities in order to increase customer satisfaction
  • Working with the suppliers and customers, which affect our quality policy, in a trusting and developing manner
  • Taking necessary precautions against the potential occupational accidents which our workers could be expose to
  • Constantly developing our processes and system in order to guarantee the security and wellness of our staff
  • Keeping up with the necessary legislations which points to security and wellness of the company staff
  • Following sensitive corporote social responsibility policies.