Founded with the purpose of transformer production in 1982.

Elektra Elektronik have been proposing transformer, reactor, and energy quality solutions across the world with a top notch quality perception. Maintaining both production and design with its own human resources and facilities, our Company have been recognized as one of the pioneer R&D companies with its unique experience and expertise in the Turkish Electronic Industry. Providing solutions throughout Turkey and across the world, our Company inaugurated office in China. Elektra have been recognized as a major exporter company with a portfolio of more than 50 countries. Today, Elektra’s solutions are being used in industrial, railway, medical, automation, military, naval and such related systems in 5 continents.

Elektra Corporate


Vision: Being a globally pioneer brand as global solution provider in her particular industry.

Mission: Expanding operations via investing in technology and pursuing top notch quality policy

Values: Following 'Value in People', and 'Innovative Engineering' policies whilst conducting operations.
Elektra Vision